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About The Roustabouts

The Tulsa Roustabouts are the first and official supporters group of the Tulsa Roughnecks FC, a men’s soccer team playing in the USL. The Roughnecks play at ONEOK Field in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Roustabouts host watch parties, tailgates and other events throughout the year to bring soccer fans together.

What is a Roustabout? In the oil field, a Roustabout is the person who supports the Roughnecks on the rig. They do whatever is needed on the rig and must be versatile and willing to do whatever the crew needs.

We love the Roughnecks, and we love soccer. Most of all, we love Tulsa. Our desire is to see the sport we can’t get enough of become a force in the city. We express that through our support of the Roughnecks. We want all of Tulsa soccer to succeed and compete at the highest level possible. No matter the league, level, age or gender, we love Tulsa soccer.

With our hearts on our sleeves and voices in the stands, the Roustabouts will fill ONEOK Field with songs, scarves, flags and banners. Our Blue and Orange passion flows onto the pitch anywhere our Roustabouts go. Adopting principles from the supporters groups in the MLS, Premier League and across Europe, the Roustabouts bring part festival, part mosh pit, part revival meeting, part Christmas morning, filled with people from every part of the community and every walk of life. The Roustabouts turn every game into a celebration of its love of Tulsa, of soccer and of the hard-working Roughnecks. If you like your sports passionate instead of passive, if you’re proud of the 918, if you appreciate “the beautiful game.”

About The Rig

The Roustabouts stand in Section 103. Inside The Rig you will find the most die-hard supporters of the Roughnecks. Drums, flags and scarves are common things found on a Roustabout. Chants, songs, heckling and colorful commentary are all led by the Roustabouts. Plan to stand the entire game, as the energy level will be at 100 percent from start to finish.

Roustabouts members, whether they have purchased a ticket in The Rig or a season ticket elsewhere in the stadium, are allowed to enter The Rig when they show their current-year member card to the steward at the top of entrance 103. If you are not a paid Roustabouts member, you must have a game day supporter’s section ticket to stand in The Rig.

How to Become a Roustabout

2018 Membership in the Tulsa Roustabouts costs $20 and includes a membership card and many more perks.

Option 1 – Buy a Membership Online: You can now buy a 2018 membership from our website. After purchasing, you’ll get your access code for our member’s only page where you’ll find the latest member benefit information. We can also ship membership packets all over the U.S. and Internationally. Order now and you can even choose to pickup your membership packet at one of our upcoming events when they’re available in early April.
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Option 2 – Buy One Before a Game: Before Saturday home matches, you’ll find us on Elgin street, tailgating and having a blast. You can buy one at our signup table with cash or credit card.

Benefits of Being a Roustabout

Each member will receive their own membership card. The card will be used to redeem certain discounts and membership benefits. Proceeds help us sponsor great events and provide amazing benefits, including:

  • Discounts on tickets in the supporters section of each home match *Coming Soon*
  • Discounts at Black Gold Outfitters (the official team shop) when you show your card anytime
  • Discount domestic pints at a designated beer cart in the stadium when you show your card on match days
  • Discounts on Roustabouts merchandise
  • Access to our Members Only groups on Facebook & Slack
  • The ability to chair an official committee
  • The ability to seek a spot in the board of directors
  • A vote during Roustabout elections and votes

In addition to paying for the benefits listed above, your dues help with all of our Roughnecks FC support efforts as well as allowing us to contribute to charitable organizations. Note: Our membership period is by calendar year (Jan 2018-Dec 2018) to cover a whole season and annual board member elections