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You’ll hear us chanting, screaming and singing our lungs out at every Tulsa Roughnecks FC home game. Below are a number of our chants and songs as well as some recordings of them to help you familiarize yourself with them. This is by no means a complete listing of every chant we know, but a great resource for our most popular ones. We often make up new chants during games

Click here to download a printable chant sheet (Updated 08/15)
If you can, use your printer’s settings to print this double-sided and bring it with you to games!

NA NA 83
Na, Na, Na, Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na Eighty Three!
Then lead into…
Who were we in Eighty-Three? (3x)

We Love You Tulsa
We love you Tulsa, we do
We love you Tulsa, we do
We love you Tulsa, we do
Oh, Tulsa we love you

Tulsa Till I Die
I’m Tulsa till I die
I’m Tulsa till I die
I know I am, I’m sure I am
I’m Tulsa till I die

The Wanky Energy
The wanky Energy went to Rome to see the Pope,
The wanky Energy went to Rome to see the Pope,
The wanky Energy went to Rome to see the Pope,
And this is what he said…(on cue) SOD OFF!

St Pauli Song
I Will Follow Him by Little Peggy March. Adapted from the supporters of Bundesliga side St. Pauli.
We love you, we love you, we love you,
And where you go, we follow, we follow, we follow,
‘Cause we support the Roughnecks, the Roughnecks, the Roughnecks,
And that’s the way we like it, we like, we like it!

All Gone Quiet
It’s all gone quiet over there!
Yes, it’s all gone quiet over there!
It’s all gone quiet,
All gone quiet,
All gone quiet over there!

Oh To Be
Oh To,
Oh To Be,
Oh To Be A Roughneck!

Take ‘Em All
Take ’em all, take em’ all
Put ’em up against the wall and shoot ’em
Short n tall, watch ’em fall
Come on boys, take ’em all.
Take them allllllll, watch them fallllll (x2)

David’s Army
We’re all part of David’s Army,
We’re all out to win the League,
We’re gonna live it up when the Roughs win the cup,
Tulsa has the greatest football team

Tulsa Roughnecks
Steady drum beat; make noise, go crazy
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy Tulsa Roughnecks! (Repeat)

How High/Wide
When opposition misses high or wide (to the tune of Go West by The Pet Shop Boys)
How high/wide… do you want the net? (x4)

Come On You Roughnecks
Capo: Come On You Roughnecks
Response: Come On You Roughnecks
Capo: Fight and Win
Response: Fight and Win

Sky of Blue, Field of Orange
(to the tune of Yellow Submarine)
Tulsa Roughnecks here we go, here we go, here we go… (2x)
Ole Ole! Ole Ole! Tulsa Roughnecks here we go…
Born in 1978
(to the tune of When Johnny Comes Marching Home)
Born in Nineteen-Seventy-eight,
Roughnecks! Roughnecks!
And now we win like never before,
Roughnecks! Roughnecks!
We won it all in eighty-three,
The greatest team you’ve ever seen
The Tulsa Roughnecks,
Were Born in Seventy-eight!

Build a bonfire, Build a bonfire
Put energy on the top,
Put (OPPONENT) in the middle,
And we’ll burn the entire Lot!

Livin’ On Tulsa Time
(Sometimes After National Anthem)
Livin’ on Tulsa time, livin’ on Tulsa time,
Well, you know I’ve been through it,
When I set my watch back to it,
Livin’ on Tulsa time.

Mental and Orange
(to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine”)
We are the Roustabouts, the Tulsa Roustabouts
We are mental, and we are orange
We are the greatest – football supporters
That the world has ever seen.

Energy Family
(to the tune of The Addams family theme song)
Your club inflates attendance,
You wouldn’t sell us tickets,
The Grid are quieter than crickets,
It’s the Energy Family… Da Da Da Da

Nuts and Bolts
After a bad call by the ref
Nuts and bolts,
Nuts and bolts,

Who’s Your Father
After a particularly bad call, or calls, by the ref
Who’s your father, who’s your father,
Who’s your father, referee?
Never had one, never had one,
You’re a bastard referee.

Drunk Tank
We will see you in the drunk tank (x3)
And they’ll let us out at dawn.

You Cannot Stop Us
(Roustabouts): You cannot stop us!
(Rest of Stadium): We are the Roughnecks!

TR! *clap* *clap*
FC! *clap* *clap* *clap*